Bug in Product Promo Percentage Line Discount?

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Bug in Product Promo Percentage Line Discount?

Danny Trunk
Hello everyone,

just noticed I wrote this to the user mailing list when I actually wanted to write to the dev mailing list.

I have a question regarding the following promotion:
User Entered: Y
Show To Customer: Y
Require Code: Y
Use Limit Per Order: (null)
Use Limit Per Customer: (null)
Use Limit Per Promotion: (null)

with only 1 rule without conditions but the following action:
Product Promo Action Enum ID: PROMO_PROD_DISC
Custom Method ID: PPA_PROD_DISC
Quantity: (null)
Amount: 10
Use Cart Quantity: Y

And the following promo code:
Product Promo Code ID: TEST_10_PERCENT_DISC
User Entered: Y
Require Email Or Party: N
Use Limit Per Code: 1
Use Limit Per Customer: (null)

Now with 2 items in the cart, adding the promo code the action is only applied to 1 item, not all.
As per my understanding the "Use Cart Quantity" should apply the action to all items in the cart.
When manually setting the quantity to - let's say 99 - the action is applied to both cart items - but still limited to 99 which isn't what i want.

While step debugging I realized this line of code: https://github.com/apache/ofbiz-framework/blob/36f95557b7b319dcc29d07e0464f6ba78a7d81d6/applications/product/groovyScripts/product/promo/ProductPromoActionServices.groovy#L246
So the whole custom method/service doesn't use the "Use Cart Quantity" flag at all.
Is it a Bug in OFBiz or am I understanding something wrong?
If it is a bug I can open a Jira issue and provide a patch to fix that.

The promo should require a code and a code can be used only once to apply 10 percent discount to each cart item (line discount).

Or am I doing/understanding something wrong?