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Moving the mailing lists!

David E. Jones

Thanks to the tip Jacopo found (I'm guessing through good old google...) I was able to pretty easily export the subscriber lists for the OFBiz mailing lists.

I just did an export, and within the next couple/few days these email addresses will be imported to the new ASF mailing lists, as follows:

announce -> going away!

dev -> [hidden email]

users -> [hidden email]

svn -> [hidden email]

jira -> [hidden email] (that's right, issue email will now go on the dev list, hopefully help to clarify that it is for project development discussions, plus will keep everyone there in the loop)

If you unsubscribe from one of the old lists in the next couple of days don't be surprised to see yourself still added to the new lists because unless we can't get those populated fairly soon we probably won't do another address export!

You can subscribe to these lists now and start using them, but we won't be shutting off the old lists until the subscriber list is moved over.

For general details on the Apache Incubation effort for OFBiz, see the status page here:


Announce mailing list
[hidden email]