New (Free) OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos, Documents

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New (Free) OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos, Documents

David E. Jones

I've been talking about doing this for a long time now, and finally decided to get going on it. So, I spent the weekend putting these together...

The intent of these training materials are to give technical and semi-technical (ie have made or customized Access or FoxPro type applications) people an introduction to the OFBiz Framework. These are based on the Example component and the intent is to provide an overview of the framework tools and see them in different contexts. These videos actually review the tools 3 times at different detail levels and perspectives to give a complete overview and hopefully facilitate good understanding of the tools and recommended patterns for using them.

It also has a video about doing some simple changes to the artifacts to show off some of the nice features of OFBiz and how quickly these sorts of things can be done.

These are not an attempt to cover every detail, just a high level overview plus a lot of background information to understand the concepts and goals behind the tools. Even at that the total length of these is almost 2 hours...

I am making these available for free to help adoption of OFBiz for those who aren't quite sure about all these funny tools we are using. I am planning a more complete series of videos that will be sold like the current training videos, but produced in this way with screen recordings and voice over.

The next thing I would like to see done with this is to create a document with the same structure and information as these videos. These took about 10 hours to prepare, record (with multiple takes, etc), and edit. I'm guessing it will take even longer to write a document based on them with screen shots and such. So, if anyone is interested in helping with this, it would be _great_. The effort could start with a simple transcription of these recordings, and then clean up the text, do screen shots, organize it into printable pages, etc.

There are links to these now on the Home page and the Docs & Books page. Here is a link to the summary page as well:

NOTE: I request that all OFBiz committers and contributors take a bit of time to review these. They represent the "best practices" patterns for using the framework and my hope for future progress in the project is to more consistently follow these patterns.

Have fun everyone...


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Re: New (Free) OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos, Documents