OFBiz Booth at OSCON2006 (Portland, OR 26-28 July 2006)

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OFBiz Booth at OSCON2006 (Portland, OR 26-28 July 2006)

David E. Jones

First off, thanks to Si Chen for arranging this.

O'Reilly is offering free booths to certain open source projects for the OSCON exhibit hall. Here's one advantage of the OFBiz incubation at the ASF...

Our booth number is 1118. It looks like we'll be in a pretty good place, right across from the "Food & Beverage" area which is surrounded by booths on one end of the hall.

It isn't a really big booth, but certainly big enough and well enough located to get us some good attention.

This is primarily a marketing opportunity for OFBiz, but as with all things in a community driven project like OFBiz it means it is also a marketing opportunity for the OFBiz-based companies (and individuals...).

In fact, since OFBiz has no marketing budget (or any sort of budget) all marketing resources are derived from community members as a part of co-branding efforts.

This is important! We need your help! And yes, at the same time the intention is that you will be helped too.

We need to get together a group of whoever is interested and start creating some marketing collateral. It would be great to have a big sign with logos of all of the various "Parties" involved with this, and a big OFBiz logo at the top. Hopefully we'll get some OFBiz-only brochures put together, but each participant is welcome to create and distribute their own brochures and have their own people on site.

In fact, that's another need we have: people to help man the booth! It would be great to have 2-3 people there at all times. This is another area where we need volunteers (and commitments...). I'll try to be there all 3 days, but I don't really want to be in the booth the whole time... ;) I know Si and some others are already planning to be there as well.

Anyway, this is a great opportunity for the project in general, and for each of us individually!

We do plan to have an OFBiz meeting somehow. We might still get a BOF session, but it looks like you have to be registered for the conference sessions to attend the BOFs. So, we plan to have a somewhat formal meeting for OFBiz independent of OSCON. Of course, there will be lots of time to chat at the conference, and have meals and such.

BTW: today is the last day to register for the conference at a discounted rate! Of course, this only applies to the conference sessions. The exhibit hall entry is free.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to participate, please respond here or directly to me or Si.


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