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Alex Schmelkin
An "solution" / update to this issue, in case anyone else runs across it:

It turns out that it's the iiop part of the carol implementation in ofbiz
that causes hangs during startup using jrockit or ibm's jvm.  Since iiop is
only used for shark workflow (not stable yet), and since we have no need for
shark, we removed shark from base/config/ofbiz-containers.xml (seems to be
commented out by default in latest SVN).  We also removed the iiop protocol
from the carol config file and ofbiz works as expected under jrockit and IBM

In framework/jotm/config/iiop.properties:

# activated protocols

# activated protocols


I am trying to get the latest version ofbiz core running on either jrockit
or IBM jvm.  I have identified the following issue and wonder if anyone has
a solution.  This issue does *not* happen using a sun jvm.  The os is linux.


During startup, the initialization of the jotm container HANGS, does not
throw an exception, and stalls.  No output to the logs, no exceptions are
thrown, just a stall, requiring a kill of the ofbiz process.


I have found a bizarre way around this hang, with a lead from this post that
jotm issues could somehow be related to hostname resolution:



If we take away the machine's ability to resolve it's hostname, startup
continues, and throws the exception below.  Container loading completes, and
ofbiz starts up.

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