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[OFBiz] New Training and Conference Videos

David E. Jones

The Conference Video recordings are now available from the Undersun  
Store at:


These are available on a single DVD (using the QuickTime H.264  
encoding) with the sessions from the 2003, 2004, and 2005  
conferences. The price is $29.95 (plus shipping). This is a pretty  
big discount over previous years (especially for all 3 together).

Part of the reason for this discount is we want to distribute these a  
lot more this year. There is some great information available in the  
various presentations and everyone using OFBiz should check them out.  
On that note I have a more compressed version of the recordings of  
the sessions for this year (2005) and we are trying to arrange for  
some bandwidth to host them and make them available for download (or  
streamed viewing).

We should have some news out about that in the near future.

The Training Materials Package has also been updated and is now  
available on 2 DVDs (also H.264 encoded) which contain the 2-day pre-
conference framework training, plus the 3-day framework and 10-day  
complete training session sets from 2004. This is now available for  
$199.95 (was $279.95).

For those who attended the conference or have previously purchased  
the training materials package, if you are interested in these  
recordings and updates, please send us your username on the Undersun  
Store (if you don't have one just go there and create a new account  
from the login page), and we'll attach you to a special promotion for  
it and send you the promotion code.


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