Re: Feasibility for service and document exchange (EDI) between OFBiz instances

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Re: Feasibility for service and document exchange (EDI) between OFBiz instances

Rishi Solanki
It is more like communicating two applications (not necessarily two tenants
of same OFBiz instance). Should exchange the data using EDI or any other
way (xml, json exchange etc).

Answer is yes it is possible and can be done in the same fashion any other
Java based application does. Just need to make sure if something already in
OFBiz then use it instead of implementing the feature from scratch.

Creating a fixed asset on some trigger is not OOTB available, but with some
custom code it is also achievable. The exact requirement would help us to
better answer your questions.

Best Regards,
Rishi Solanki
*CTO, Mindpath Technology*
Intelligent Solutions
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On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 8:48 PM Raynhold <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hello users and developers,
> I am tasked with the examination about the functionality of some
> business cases in Apache OFBiz. Mainly with the sale of products through
> the e-commerce application, the reception of property, plant and
> equipment (FixedAsset) and the preparation of a balance sheet.
> I would like to know if Apache OFBiz can communicate, exchange documents
> (EDI), with other instances or in case of a multi-tenant setup, the same
> instance.
> For example i have a multi-tenant setup with Tenant A and B
> Tenant A buys over the e-commerce store from B a round gizmo.
> Is there a way for A to get a fixed Asset of the gizmo without to create
> it manually?
> Furthermore is it possible to bind 2 services, in different instances,
> together like sell and buy, like in the example above? To define a
> business process which causes a reaction in another instance. Like the
> transmission of a document (EDI)?
> Best regards,
> Raynhold